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Rangitata Rafts:
Real New Zealand wilderness adventure.
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Grade 5 All Year Round:
Heart-pounding rapids that will stick with you for life!
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Fun, Laughter and Thrills:
A rafting trip like no other, Rangitata Rafts is one of a kind.
Grade 5 white water rapids guaranteed. Just two hours from Christchurch, in the shadow of the Southern Alps.
We're all about you (and rafts!)
Rangitata Rafts is a family business and our number one priority is making sure you have a great day. There's no rush, no crowds, just great people and awesome rapids on one of New Zealand's most beautiful rivers.
Grade 1 to 5… it’s your call
With Grade 1 to 5 white water guaranteed on every trip, all you have to decide is whether you're up for the big ones or would rather admire them from a distance. (Our photographer can walk you around the largest rapids if you think they're a bit much!)
Spine-tingling scenery
When rugged Lord Of The Rings scenery meets white water exhilaration, it’s a pretty massive rush. Add to this the fact that you're smack in the middle of an historic high-country sheep station and you’ve got the perfect recipe for a great Kiwi adventure.
Time to relax
Our trips are exciting, fun and relaxed. We're out on the river for nearly three hours which is more than enough time to learn some boat skills, get your share of some of NZ's best rapids and make a raft-full of new friends!
Legendary guides
Our guides are internationally experienced, quick with a joke and will teach you everything you need to know to tackle the river. From paddle technique, to safety maneuvers you'll be ready for anything the river throws at you.
We spoil you (just a little!)
Yes, we’ll lend you gear. Yes, there’ll be some of the best rafting anywhere. But how about a hot shower afterwards, and a filling barbie for dinner while you relax and check out your action pics? We've got you covered!